Meet Our Members

Monica (JB) B.

Monica B. - After
  • Age 57
  • Lost 30 Pounds

My motivation for working out was to improve my health, mobility, and quality of life. I thought I knew how to get there on my own, but never…

Joe C.

Joe C
  • Maintain Fitness
  • Athletic Gains

I am the Longsnapper for the New England Patriots and Crossfit321 opened their doors to me and all of my specific needs as an athlete.

Scott B.

Scott B. - After
  • Age 47
  • Lost 37 Pounds

I retired with 27 years from the Navy just one year earlier and was working full time ~45-50 hours per week. Life and professional responsibilities…

Dan M.

Dan M.
  • Age 40
  • Improved Fitness

It was a couple of years that she talked and I thought about trying it, but I had all the typical excuses lined up why I couldn’t, I don’t have time, I can’t afford…

Nicole B.

Nicole B.
  • Age 49
  • Lost 5 Pounds

For me, walking in the door was the hardest part. But, day after day, I would marvel that I finished another challenging WOD. That is a great feeling…

Chris S.

Chris S.
  • Age 65
  • Listening To Body

Hi, I am Chris Scanlan. The last day of the year I turn 65. I have been training at CrossFit 321 since November 2011. I once qualified to be…

Margaret M.

Margret M.
  • Age 52
  • Lost 40 Pounds

I decided that I needed to do something. I realized that I needed to get stronger – not just lose weight. I made getting strong and fit my goal.

Rick B.

  • Personal PRs
  • Lost 86 Pounds

For the majority of my life I have been anywhere from overweight to obese. I never really gave it any thought, I always figured that I was a bigger guy.

Tiffany S.

  • Body Strength
  • Advanced Fitness

My athletic back ground was unusual. My family was always active, taking care of a horse farm wasn’t easy work and I was expected to do my share.

Ernie E.

  • Age 50
  • Lowered Cholesterol

So my story about joining Crossfit is like many others. A 50 year old man that had let health and fitness take a backseat to well, virtually everything.

Steph M.

  • Level 1 Trainer
  • Regional Athlete

After college, my weight spiralled out of control and I got lost in the cycle of eating too much and being sedentary. At 5’3” I was pushing 190 pounds.

Chris C.

  • Improved Conditioning
  • CrossFit Competitions

Initially, I was hesitant to join due to my overall lack of conditioning and my inaccurate perception that CrossFit was only for young and fit people.

Amanda C.

  • Age 42
  • Lost 15 Pounds

My journey with CrossFit 321 started in October 2013. I was 42 years old, tired, out of shape and was still carrying some extra weight that just wouldn’t budge.

David S.

  • Age 38
  • Lost 55 Pounds

If you’re reading this, wondering if you should try CrossFit, I would say “Do it, you owe it to yourself!” It has been a life changing experience for me…

Al A.

  • Medication Reduction
  • Lost 10 Pounds

I have been fighting my weight issues for as long as I can remember. Most of my life I resigned myself to live with the way I was. Even when I…

Dugan S.

  • Can Row 5000 Meters
  • Lost 25 Pounds

My path to CrossFit started with food. A TV news feature series on The Caveman Diet caught my attention, so I bought Robb Wolf’s book The Paleo…

Adam C.

  • Improved Health
  • Improved Well-Being

I have always been a competitor and showed interests in working-out, lifting weights and anything to stay fit. I tried to regain the athleticism and…

Jenn C.

  • Age 40
  • Endurance Gains

My story is pretty simple. I have never considered myself an athlete. I tried many different sports during my school years but never really…

Bob F.

  • Age 71
  • Lowered Cholesterol

My doctor told me to lose 20lbs, lower my blood pressure and get my cholesterol down. I had joined the Marine Corps after college, was a…

Stacy M.

  • Transforming Body
  • Healthier Nutrition

Joining CrossFit has definitely been the best fitness decision I’ve made. It has not only challenged me physically but mentally as well. I’ve…