Meet our Coaches & Trainers

We have an experienced caring staff that have credentials and a multitude of certifications with 20+ years experience.
Crossfit Group 1

Shawn Thiboutot
Shawn is the founder and owner of CrossFit 321. He has trained clients in all facets of health and fitness and has experience helping clients lose weight, increase athletic performance and more. Read More
Ginny Machon
Ginny has been helping athletes discover their best fitness since 2010. She will coach you to discover your inner strength while looking and performing better in every aspect of your life. Read More
Justine Chabot
Justine is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and coach. She was had been a recreational crossfitter for several years before deciding to dabble in the competitive realm. Read More
Steph Malcom
Steph found CrossFit after years of struggling to find a health & fitness regime. Her passion for competition is second to her passion for community. Read More
Byron Malcom
Byron enjoys Crossfit due to its competitive nature, the results it offers, and the community it promotes. He actively competes in Crossfit competitions and the occasional road-race. Read More
Jennifer Cassidy
The combination of ever changing physical challenges and uplifting community was exactly what she needed. After a few years of being it was a natural transition for her to become a coach. Read More
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