Patrick Nelson

Physical Therapy Consulting and Education:
Patrick Nelson

Patrick Nelson

Physical Therapy Consulting and Education:

GOT PAIN? When movement is painful, a client no longer has a fitness problem, he or she has a medical problem. That athlete owes it to him or herself, as well as their family to get the issue checked with a healthcare professional who UNDERSTANDS what that client’s goals and demands involve. A qualified Physical Therapist from Movement as Medicine can not only get you back pain free, but also modify your training to keep you in the game during the process.

How does this work for 321 members?

Schedule a free 15 minute on site consultation to screen out movement, medical, or performance issues. If further follow-up is needed you will be directed to the necessary resource. Medical treatment is available on-site for injured athletes, or movement pattern coaching for pain-free athletes who have identified themselves or coaches have identified, are limited by fundamental movement barriers.

Schedule consults on best practice with respect to injury prevention systems, training progressions/regressions, and athlete intake screening. Schedule consults to help injured athletes get back into training.

321 "member" rates are:

  • 15 minute consult: free
  • Initial visit: 45 minutes, $75
  • Depending on the complexity and scope of treatment required, follow ups are billed at:

  • 30 minute Follow up treatment: $50
  • 45 minute Follow up treatment: $75

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