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Be thankful for the hard times, for they have made you.

Beth Lindroth Hill
I have been practicing yoga since I was 16. I love it. I have been a member of CrossFit 321 since 2008; I love that too! I graduated from the University of Maine with a PhD in Immunology and have worked as a scientist for many years. As a research scientist, my focus was on the underlying causes of autoimmunity and inflammation and possible treatment targets. The more I learned about physiology and the biochemistry of the body the clearer it became to me that the power of exercise goes beyond fitness, but can actually heal and prevent many of the problems people suffer from. In many cases, it can be the BEST treatment option. This has helped fuel my interest in exploring the healing and therapeutic practices of yoga which I continue to study at various workshops and seminars on a regular basis. I love being able to bring yoga to CrossFitters, and help work on flexibility, mobility, and the recovery aspects of fitness. I have taught yoga classes with babies all the way to the very elderly. Anyone can do yoga! Read More
Patrick Nelson
GOT PAIN? When movement is painful, a client no longer has a fitness problem, he or she has a medical problem. That athlete owes it to him or herself, as well as their family to get the issue checked with a healthcare professional who UNDERSTANDS what that client’s goals and demands involve. A qualified Physical Therapist from Movement as Medicine can not only get you back pain free, but also modify your training to keep you in the game during the process. Schedule a free 15 minute on site consultation to screen out movement, medical, or performance issues. If further follow-up is needed you will be directed to the necessary resource. Medical treatment is available on-site for injured athletes, or movement pattern coaching for pain-free athletes who have identified themselves or coaches have identified, are limited by fundamental movement barriers. Read More
Caitlin Langan
Just like an athletic coach pushes people to their best athletic ability in sports, a wellness coach provides a "push" to help you find success, satisfaction, and sustainability in your lifestyle, with a special focus on diet, exercise, and how our minds and bodies sometimes don't get along! Caitlin helps people find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health goals, which may include anything from losing a few pounds, lowering stress, or quitting smoking, to bigger concerns like combating depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, or chronic cycles of weight loss/weight gain. Caitlin is skilled at creating comprehensive wellness plans for any of the concerns listed above, and aims to help people recognize how lifestyle, diet, exercise, and personal behavioral or thought patterns can keep people from achieving their goals or ideal health. Caitlin believes that each client she works with has their own "fitness recipe", and that no plan is one-size-fits-all. She's here to be your personal cheerleader to get you to your best "you"! Read More

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